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BRIEFS and Newspaper Articles

Centralization of Natural Gas Procurement in the EU: an Economic Perspective (July 2022)

with G. Spagnolo

In this policy brief, we review the main trade-offs associated with joint procurement, or procurement “centralization”, as identified by procurement scholars. We then focus on the specific case of natural gas. Finally, we compare the procurement of natural gas to that of COVID-19 vaccines, arguing that the centralization of natural gas procurement can be expected to bring greater benefits at lower costs.

Der Staat kann im Einkaufen Sparen (FAZ October 2023)

with A. Ockenfels


German Armed Forces Need More Centralization and More Flexibility When Purchasing (March 2022)

Coronavirus Pandemic: EU Joint Procurement Now More Important Than Ever  (April 2020)

with M. Cappelletti and A. De Leverano